Meet the Team : Guilherme Bollmann

I am Guilherme – or Bill to make it easier for the English speaking people – the almost typical nerd. I guess my lack of addiction to comic books takes some percentage points off my nerd-o-meter.

Besides that I am also a husband, father and developer, not necessarily in that order (early mornings my dev personality tends to take dominance over the others – I know, all wrong from the dev perspective, but what can I say; I’m a morning person).

My relationship to Crowdahouse began way before Crowdahouse even existed, when I worked with Gary Corben some 20 years ago. Back then he came to Brazil to start a revolutionary Digital Music project. I was just getting to know html, Photoshop, JavaScript, etc and he was surfing the internet wave with mastery. The perfect older friend any 16-year-old nerd would want. It was the beginning of the earn-money-doing-what-you-like era for me.

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