North Rd Project is Closing Soon – Over 80% funded

Hurry before this loan offer closes

Our North Rd loan project is over 80% funded.

The property is a former shop with living accommodation above which has been poorly converted to fully residential and is in need of full refurbishment. The Borrower intends to restore the property to its previous use as one retail unit on the ground floor and one self contained 2 bed apartment on the first floor. The aim is to create one freehold with two leasehold properties, the shop and the first floor flat.

10% pa for 9 months secured

Outline planning permission has now been granted to return use to mixed use: retail & residential. Town planners are keen to see the property refurbished and no longer an eyesore in the otherwise well kept local community.

The Borrower will also be the tenant of the ground floor retail space for a new branch of his local estate agency business.

There’s currently only £18,000 left for lenders to take this opportunity to earn 10% per annum for 9 months.

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Crowdahouse Co-founders Seek Threesome?

A very short post today. Maybe you can fill in the rest of this story?

Crowdahouse has big plans and we’re looking to add a third partner to our co-founders and work with our established team.

This is a not a job, this is a challenge.

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Meet the Team : Guilherme Bollmann

I am Guilherme – or Bill to make it easier for the English speaking people – the almost typical nerd. I guess my lack of addiction to comic books takes some percentage points off my nerd-o-meter.

Besides that I am also a husband, father and developer, not necessarily in that order (early mornings my dev personality tends to take dominance over the others – I know, all wrong from the dev perspective, but what can I say; I’m a morning person).

My relationship to Crowdahouse began way before Crowdahouse even existed, when I worked with Gary Corben some 20 years ago. Back then he came to Brazil to start a revolutionary Digital Music project. I was just getting to know html, Photoshop, JavaScript, etc and he was surfing the internet wave with mastery. The perfect older friend any 16-year-old nerd would want. It was the beginning of the earn-money-doing-what-you-like era for me.

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Q&A with a Crowdahouse Member

We were recently asked some good questions by a new Crowdahouse Member which I thought would be useful to share with you here. Although detailed answers can be found in our FAQs, we realise that you may not have the time to read through them all. So here are your fellow Member’s questions and my answers.

How safe are the Crowdahouse Borrowers?

The Borrower must be a limited company or High Net Worth Individual (HNWI), and provide a property as security in the form of a first charge. The Borrower must also provide answers to a lengthy application form, after which all the information is thoroughly checked by us and the solicitors representing the crowd of Lenders. We turn down all projects that do not meet our strict requirements or that we regard as risky and unsuitable for our Members. And in the unlikely event that the Borrower misses a payment or defaults on the loan, then our proprietary Lenders’ protection system called Crowdasafe™ steps in to administer the property on behalf of you and your fellow Lenders. Any property income is diverted to pay your interest, or if necessary the property will be sold on your behalf to recover your money and any costs.

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Priestman Rd Loan Project Completed Today

Funded in One Day

Today one of our Borrowers, Lindsay Naylor, completed on a purchase of a 2 bed mid-terrace in Darlington, Co Durham using funds raised entirely by Crowdahouse® Members.

Lindsay had already entered into an option agreement to purchase the property, but decided to raise money via Crowdahouse to buy out the seller early. The loan was relatively small at £59,500 and was pledged within a few hours of the project going live and completed within a few short weeks during which the Borrower undertook standard purchaser’s conveyancing.

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How Do You Lend Money Via Crowdahouse?

The Crowdahouse Process – It’s Simple

At Crowdahouse, we try to explain our simple lending process as clearly as possible. We want you to fully understand both the risks as well as benefits of lending so that you can make an informed decision. If you’re new to peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and crowdfunding, sometimes it’s easier to just see the whole process in a diagram.

So here’s one we’ve created for you. From here, you can go to our Lenders section of the website and of course our FAQs for a more in-depth level of understanding.

And as always please contact us here if you have any questions at all.

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What Are The Different Types of Crowdfunding?

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a means of raising money to fund a business or project by using small amounts of money from many individuals (the crowd) rather than large amounts from just a few investors, as was the traditional way.

In my last post How Safe is Peer-to-Peer Lending?, I mentioned that there are different types of crowdfunding. These are often not clearly explained by the media because crowdfunding is a new and fast moving industry, and a result this can lead to some confusion among the public.

The 4 Types of Crowdfunding

There are 4 main types of crowdfunding.

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How safe is peer-to-peer lending?

Is P2P Lending Really Safe?

Since we started crowdfunding in 2012 Crowdahouse have always been on the lookout for media coverage of crowdfunding. The industry has grown exponentially over the last few years and now practically everyone has heard of crowdfunding, whether or not they fully understand it. It’s hard not to have heard of it, as we’re constantly bombarded with multiple TV ads, print ads, giant billboards on London Underground platforms and yet more advertising on tube trains. And that’s not including online coverage.

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Crowdahouse Relaunches

Crowdahouse Relaunches with Secured Lending Model

Our story

Back in 2012 Crowdahouse created the world’s first crowdfunded property fund – the Crowdahouse Pioneer Fund. This was a truly innovative product allowing anyone to join a crowd and own investment property together.

The only problem was that in 2012, despite confirmation from our compliance advisors, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) wouldn’t tell us whether our crowdfunding model was acceptable to them.

For us, this was a serious issue. My co-founder also ran an FSA-authorised firm and we decided the risk of going to market with our Crowdahouse Pioneer Fund was unacceptable. We wanted to protect our Members’ interests as investors, which would have been impossible.

In September 2012, a Sunday Times feature brought us to the attention of a major international investment bank and so, because of the risks of crowdfunding, we continued working with private investors on our own property projects.

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