Crowdahouse Launched The World’s First Crowdfunding Property Fund In 2012

Crowdahouse is a UK peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform and was originally conceived in early 2012 as the world’s first property crowdfunding platform.

We launched our platform in 2012 as an equity fund for investors in UK property. Since then, most of the property crowdfunding platforms have been started by people who joined Crowdahouse as Members and who saw the model we designed as a dynamic new way of financing property.

Our dedicated team have over 70 years combined experience in property investing and finance (including other FCA authorised financial services), as well as the compliance industry, which enables us to source and deliver what we believe are the best projects available for lending and to ensure that our Members’ interests come first at all times.

As A Member You Come First

In 2014 we reviewed our model and after feedback from Members we decided to relaunch with our simple peer-to-peer model that allows business owners to lend money to other businesses with a first charge secured against property.

You Don’t Have To Be An Owner To Benefit From Property

Our New Lending Model Gives Members Great Returns without the hassle of ownership in a crowd of strangers.

Being a landlord is not for the faint hearted. New rules and regulations aimed at landlords are adding to the costs and burdens of ownership. If you buy property with a crowd then we think it’s asking for trouble further down the line. Arguments about valuations, when you can exit, management issues – not to mention sharing your profits with the crowdfunding platform.

At Crowdahouse we’ve removed the hassle of ownership which we think is best left to full-time landlords. Instead, we allow you to benefit by crowdfunding loans to property professionals.

You simply lend money in return for interest payments over a fixed term. No tenants to worry about. No maintenance or open ended exit, waiting years and hoping the rest of the crowd will vote to sell so you can get your money back. And as a lender you earn ALL the interest paid by the Borrower.

We’ve simplified the whole crowdfunding property process to bring you loan opportunities hand-picked by our highly experienced professional property team.

Fixed time periods, fixed interest and the opportunity to exit early via Crowdabourse™.

Lend Against Property For Average Returns Of 5-10% p.a. With No Fees

Lending to Business is Safer Than Consumers

Lend only to property professionals seeking funding for investment properties.

Unlike standard peer-to-peer loans you won’t be lending to consumers with more ‘rights’ than you have if something goes wrong. Instead, you’ll be lending to businesses and industry professionals, which along with our Crowdasafe™  process, means that in the unlikely event of a default by your Borrower, action and debt recovery can be swift and free of ‘consumer rights’ hassles.

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