Summary of Crowdahouse Complaints Handling Procedure

We aim to ensure that your experience with us does not cause any complaints to arise, as we aim to treat our customers in a fair and responsible manner. In the event that this does not happen, however, we have the following process to deal with your complaint, which we will endeavour to resolve as swiftly and fairly as possible.

After we receive the complaint, we will seek to establish with you precisely what has caused your complaint, and who the responsible party is against whom the complaint is being lodged.

It may be that your complaint is about a Borrower or a Loan administrator and how they have conducted themselves with you, rather than Crowdahouse itself, but be assured that we will work with you in such cases to achieve a satisfactory resolution. You should still use the procedure set out below in such cases, as we wish to see any dispute resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

Stage 1Receiving Your Complaint

  • You, the Customer, should direct any complaint to Crowdahouse by email using [email protected]. Alternatively you can also use our contact form here, write to Crowdahouse Pioneer Ltd, Business & Technology Centre, Bessemer Drive, Stevenage SG1 2DX or phone us on 0203 355 3664
  • You will receive a prompt and formal acknowledgement of your complaint in writing, along with a unique complaint reference number, which you should use in all subsequent communications with Crowdahouse. A summary of our in-house complaints-handling procedure will be included in this acknowledgement
  • Crowdahouse will endeavour to respond to and resolve your complaint at the earliest opportunity, ideally within five working days. Should your complaint require more in-depth investigation, then you will be kept informed of the progress of any measures being taken to resolve your complaint. We aim to handle all complaints fairly, consistently and promptly and resolve them to your satisfaction.
  • Copies of all correspondence relating to your complaint will be kept by Crowdahouse as a formal record


Stage 2Handling Your Complaint

  • You will receive a response to your complaint in writing from the Director of Operations, who holds responsibility for handling complaints at Crowdahouse. Crowdahouse will endeavour to provide you with a clear explanation in plain, jargon-free English in order to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction
  • Any complaint that cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by the Director of Operations will be referred to Senior Management level for further investigation and ‘final response’
  • As the last attempt in resolving your complaint to your satisfaction, Crowdahouse will send a ‘final response’ to you in writing, no later than eight weeks from the date of receiving your complaint
  • Our ‘final response’ is our full response to you in writing, summarising your complaint, setting out the results of our investigation and our final view on the issue that you have raised. If an offer has been made to you to settle the complaint, it will be outlined with a clear explanation as to how we have reached that offer


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