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Meet the Team : Guilherme Bollmann

I am Guilherme – or Bill to make it easier for the English speaking people – the almost typical nerd. I guess my lack of addiction to comic books takes some percentage points off my nerd-o-meter.

Besides that I am also a husband, father and developer, not necessarily in that order (early mornings my dev personality tends to take dominance over the others – I know, all wrong from the dev perspective, but what can I say; I’m a morning person).

My relationship to Crowdahouse began way before Crowdahouse even existed, when I worked with Gary Corben some 20 years ago. Back then he came to Brazil to start a revolutionary Digital Music project. I was just getting to know html, Photoshop, JavaScript, etc and he was surfing the internet wave with mastery. The perfect older friend any 16-year-old nerd would want. It was the beginning of the earn-money-doing-what-you-like era for me.

Back to the present time, and Gary recently invited me to get involved with building Crowdahouse, which I immediately accepted. Tech talk aside, here I humbly backend his frontend dreams and endeavours. From server to coding, I act and consult on a regular basis, doing my best to keep things running smoothly.

Working with Crowdahouse means I have to divide my tight 24 hour days along with university studies, being a husband, a father, cooking (which is my number one hobby) and, yes, sleeping from time to time.

I also work at Projeto Uerê, helping kids from the Favela learn to use technology

I also work three times a week at an NGO here in Rio de Janeiro (where I currently live) that helps poor kids with trauma and cognitive difficulties due to constant exposure to harsh and violent conditions that is the life in the slums of Rio.

It’s called Projeto UERÊ and we are situated in Favela da Maré, one of the biggest slum complexes of the city and we receive around 400 kids daily . It’s entirely autonomous and most of our funding comes from European foundations.

Here I am a proud ‘+ 1’ member of this amazing staff and my job is to introduce these kids to the tech world, which is a must these days in order to get a proper job and point them towards the chance of a better future, maybe even outside of the slum.

I really think I should find a way of moving to Mercury. Imagine the things I could do in a Planet where a single day equals to 58 days and 15 Earth hours.

  • Guilherme Bollmann

    Technical Officer

    Guilherme Bollmann
  • Guilherme Bollmann

    Technical Officer

    Guilherme Bollmann

About Crowdahouse®
Crowdahouse is a business-to-business (B2B) property crowdfunding platform lending to business borrowers, always secured against property. Instead of lending to individuals, we’ve reduced the risk by offering you the chance to lend only to property businesses. You join a crowd to lend money in return for interest on your money. Your loan is secured with a first charge over property, just like a bank, and you pay no fees as a lender. You can also exit early by selling your loan to other members.

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