Crowdahouse in the Media

We all have a history.
Ours started in 2012 with our pioneering equity crowdfunding model.

Below are just some of the reviews, press and online history of Crowdahouse to date.

Please note that from July 2015 Crowdahouse no longer operates an equity crowdfunding model. Instead, we operate a peer-to-peer (P2P) secured lending platform.


Altfi NewsReal Estate Platform Switches Codes

‘One of the oldest equity crowdfunders in the real estate space has turned peer-to-peer lender.’

Crowdfund InsiderCrowdahouse Shifts from Equity to Debt Investing in Real Estate

‘Today Crowdahouse is changing direction by pivoting to debt based lending.  Gary Corben, co-founder and CEO of Crowdahouse, explained they have been following the market closely and realized that debt based crowdfunding was a far simpler model.  It is true that most real estate crowdfunding platforms are doing debt today with fewer focusing on equity.’

CrowdneticUK-based Crowdahouse Relaunches as Marketplace-Lending Platform

‘Crowdahouse, which launched in 2012 as an equity-based real-estate crowdfunding platform, announced last week that it has relaunched as an asset-backed peer-to-peer lending platform. The change creates a much simpler model for the company’s members.’

Bankless TimesCrowdahouse Announces Relaunch

‘Former UK equity-based real estate platform Crowdahouse has relaunched as an asset-backed peer-to-peer lending platform.’

BTOther Ways to Invest in Property

‘If you want to invest in the property market but don’t want to be a landlord, there are several other options besides Property Partner. For example there are other crowdfunding platforms such as The House Crowd, Property Moose, and Crowdahouse which all work in a similar way to Property Partner’.

Altfi NewsAltfi Down Under – ProjectCrowd Profile

‘Real Estate crowdfunding is a relatively new niche form of crowdfunding with a risk profile somewhere between equity crowdfunding of businesses and marketplace lending. Pioneers of this form of crowdfunding include Fundrise and Realty Mogul in the US and Property Moose, The House Crowd and Crowdahouse in the UK’.

Fund WisdomGlobal Equity Crowdfunding

Startup Guys – 77 Best Crowdfunding Websites to Fund Your Startup


Altfi NewsCould Equity Crowdfunders Cause a Spike in House Prices?

Sapphire Capital Partners LLP – The Money Lab Blog

‘As a result, these platforms are trying to fill that void to give investors the opportunity to not only profit from sector but also support this important part of the economy. The platforms that are coming to prominence for this are Property Crowd, Crowdahouse, Crowd Moose, and Fundrise in the US. They are giving the crowd the opportunity to invest in buy-to-lets or other small properties. They are attractive due to the relatively low entry levels, the high rental yields and the potential for capital growth’.

Bircham Dyson Bell law firm – A Bright Future for Property Crowdfunding

‘Since my last blog on UK crowdfunding, there has been a rise in platforms focusing purely on real estate. Current UK online platforms include Property Partner, Property Moose, House Crowd, Crowdahouse and Launchpad-PLC’.

Hays Macintyre chartered accountants and tax advisers – Spring 2014 Property briefing (PDF)

‘Perhaps reflecting the UK public’s passion for property investment, property specific crowdfunding websites are now appearing with examples such as the House Crowd (, Crowdahouse ( and Property Moose ( While the details vary from site to site, these sites allow investors to become shareholders in SPVs investing in properties for income and capital growth. While still in their infancy, these models offer private investors a route into property investment and those in the industry a potential new source of finance’.

Property Tribes & Property Investor ShowDebating crowdfunding/P2P lending from a property perspective

‘Until quite recently, property investment businesses were not major users of crowdfunding – but that is changing, with the likes of LendInvest, Crowdahouse, the House Crowd, Crowd Funded Property, Property Moose, and the latest, Crowdproperty and LaunchPad’.

‘Also, crowdfunders interested in property can buy into the sector when, as solo investors, this would be impossible: £5,000 is typically all you need, according to Crowdahouse. Housecrowd quotes £1,000 and Property Moose sets the bar at just £500’.

Letting Agent Today – Rapid Growth in Buy to Let Crowdfunding

‘Crowdtolet, House Crowd, Crowdahouse, Propertycrowdfunding, Crowdfundproperty, Propertymoose and Crowdsourcing all aim, wholly or partly, at attracting investors who may not be able to afford a deposit on a BTL property, or who do not want to risk such a large sum in one property or location’.

DIY to Property Investor blogHow to Invest in Property Without a Deposit

‘Crowdfunding, or peer-to-peer lending as it is also known, is becoming a popular way to invest in businesses/initiatives that align with your own interests. You get to contribute towards a project of your choice and take a share of the rewards without having to do any of the hard work yourself.

Just recently quite a few platforms for investing in buy-to-let have popped up. The basic principle is that you commit some money to a particular buy-to-let property and then share in the returns with all the other investors.

Check out a couple of these if you are interested, they all are a little different in what they offer: Crowd2Let, theHouseCrowd, CrowdaHouse, LendInvest, PropertyMoose.

This type of investment of course has associated risk (all investments do), but many of the schemes are regulated by the FCA which gives some peace of mind’.

Mortgage IntellectualCrowdfunding

Your Property NetworkA New BTL Mortgage with a New Model


Soho Loft NewsTop 400 Global Crowdfunding Websites

Business Shaper Crowdfunding Platforms

‘There are over 1200 worldwide crowdfunding platforms and rapidly growing. Here are just a selection of these platforms’.

New Finance InnovationsA Guide to Crowdfunding in the UK (PDF)


The Sunday Times – Play the Housing Market Without Buying a Property

‘A raft of new products is giving investors the chance to access the housing market without buying a property.’

Crowdfund InsiderOwn a Buy to Let Property Portfolio from only £5000

PR WebOwn a Buy to Let Property Portfolio from only £5000

‘On October 11th 2012,, a new online property investment club founded by Gary Corben and Peter Lane, will launch the WORLD’S FIRST crowdfunded property portfolio fund. The Crowdahouse Pioneer Fund™ will be a significantly different investment opportunity, open to any member with a minimum of £5,000 to invest, enabling consumers to own a share of a £1,000,000 RICS evaluated property portfolio, designed to deliver rental returns of minimum 6% pa over a fixed 6 year term’.

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